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Webinar Library

Your company can get exclusive access to timely webinar presentations with dedicated access granted for a time frame of 72 hours through dedicated e-link access for inter-company use and viewing of pre-recorded webinars on current compliance topics to compliment your international trade compliance capabilities.

  • Schedule your internal compliance webinars to meet your internal work calendar availability

  • Cost effective informed compliance training structure to compliment your company's bottom line

  • Review the training material with repeated training sessions to ensure full participation over a 72 hour period

  • Electronic video library demonstrates reasonable care informed compliance regulatory responsibility

  • Pace your own compliance learning schedule

  • Elevate your company's knowledge through industry expert presentations for operations and management personnel

  • Risk management best practice of proactive education and compliance training

  • Time efficient information transfer


Presentation Content

  • CBP Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act

  • Import Regulatory Compliance Management

  • Incoterms Management for Compliant Practice

  • Export Compliance Management

  • C-TPAT Validation Management

  • Record Retention Management

  • Harmonized Classification Determination and Compliance

  • ACE Importer Compliance Management


Cost: Only $150.00 for 72 hours

E-Link World Academy WebEx link access

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