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As international trade professional practitioners, we serve lead instructors for The World Academy by providing a resource option to corporate training regulatory requirements to meet Reasonable Care standards enforced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. We instruct on a wide array of topics such as international commercial terms best options, global compliance management, international supply chain security against the threat of terrorist actions, Customs compliance, FDA import regulatory training and awareness, US export compliance management Financial controls and supervision, Related party transactions, Revenue recognition and much more.


We understand that we cannot be all things to all clients, so we focus on elevating the international trade practices of our clients to result in a more efficient, compliant and financially streamlined organization with maximum opportunities for revenue reduction in the international supply chain.


Rennie Alston is Chief Executive Officer of American River Group of Companies and President of American River Brokerage Services Ltd., a premiere international trade and logistics consulting firm. He also is the founder, CEO, and President of the Alston Group. Mr. Alston is regarded as a premiere Customs Regulatory expert, licensed customhouse broker, and Global Security specialist, who holds over thirty years of interactive work experience with the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection.
Mr. Alston has served as instructor for the World Trade Institute, of Pace University, School of International Trade and Commerce, for twenty years conducting New York State Board of Education, college accredited courses on U.S. Customs Regulations and Documentation, as well as Customs Brokerage License Preparation Workshops, Import Export Compliance and Customs Entry Preparation Workshops, and Global Security Compliance. Mr. Alston also serves as a professor and expert and professional practitioner at Baruch College, New York City, N.Y. Mr. Alston also serves as guest instructor and guest speaker for the American Management Association on various platforms speaking on global security initiatives and compliance management regarding international trade issues.
Through auspices from the Academy for International Development in Washington D.C., Mr. Alston was selected from a national listing of compliance experts to conduct training forums for the Customs delegations from Brazil, Nepal, Singapore, India, Republic of Georgia, Armenia, and various other members of the World Customs Council on U.S. Customs regulatory procedures and compliance practices. Mr. Alston continues to provided customs regulatory expertise and consulting representation to corporate elite representative such as BMW North America, Pfizer, Case New Holland, Amgen Inc., New York Airbrake, Glaxo Smithkline, Goodyear, Mars M&M, Apparel Holdings Group, Loreal, Engelhard Corporation, BASF, NEC, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more.
In 2010, Mr. Alston received his Master Certification from the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris France as a Master trainer of the International Commercial Terms. Mr. Alston has provided Incoterms training for the United Nations global purchasing and procurements managers from all four regions of the globe. Mr. Alston began his career with United Customs Inc. as an import manager. He later became a senior account representative for The Wilson Group USA. Mr. Alston then served nine years Brokerage Manager for Nippon Express USA. Respected and noted throughout the international trade community, Mr. Alston is considered an expert in the area of Customs Regulatory issues and Compliance Management.

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