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As international trade professional practitioners, we serve lead instructors for The World Academy by providing a resource option to corporate training regulatory requirements to meet Reasonable Care standards enforced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.


We instruct on a wide array of topics such as international commercial terms best options, global compliance management, international supply chain security against the threat of terrorist actions, Customs compliance, FDA import regulatory training and awareness, US export compliance management Financial controls and supervision, Related party transactions, Revenue recognition and much more.

Our professional services range from onsite third party compliance management to offsite international trade and logistics resource support to compliment the needs of companies with an international global footprint in world trade.


Our strength is our capability to first understand your business and then provide comprehensive solutions. Flexibility combined with an extensive network of skilled professionals and resources provides our clientele with the tools and knowledge to reduce their global supply chain costs, and manage their logistics more efficiently, subsequently, resulting in improved sales, and minimizing the risks associated with lack of compliance.


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