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Customized Virtual Classes    -   Company Compliance Connectivity


The World Academy is proud to offer virtual compliance customized training for the global trade community to meet the demands of remote working and company compliance connectivity.


Our core team of global trade experts will meet with you to understand the trade compliance subject matter needs of your organization and customize a training tool for your company’s specific needs under a platform of proprietary controls and informed compliance.

The World Academy will customize your training with a goal of transfer of presentation and use ownership to your organization upon delivery of a series of live sessions that will be recorded for your continued use.


Annual updates to training are always a service option to be agreed upon at the time of commitment or on an annual basis to meet your corporate calendar needs.

Our team of content consultants will guide you through options from a library content of subject matter or the development of company specific customized training for your supply chain, sourcing, sales, finance, compliance and regulatory company colleagues with senior management always as an invited guest.

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