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Webinar Import Trade Compliance Corrective Actions Demonstrations

Webinar Import Trade Compliance Corrective Actions Demonstrations


Webinar Import Trade Compliance Corrective Actions Demonstrations- Recorded Sept 14th 2023 


Regulatory enforcement has been elevated by US Customs and Border Protection and partnering government agencies as a high level priority and focus in 2023, largely due to the commitment to and directives received from the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act. This increased focus on trade compliance regulatory enforcement represents a wide scope of importer activity inclusive of but not limited to E-commerce trade practices, HTS classification management, import valuation controls and free trade agreement declarations.


Importers must manage trade compliance remediation efforts in a complete, timely and defensive manner to demonstrate trade compliance capabilities and reasonable care. This seminar will present best practice strategies on Trade Compliance Corrective Actions that meet such representation.


Participants to attend include but are not limited to supply chain logistics, trade compliance personnel, purchasing, mid-level importer risk management professionals, C-suite management, brokerage operations, finance professionals and more…


ACE portal participation scope and responsibilities
CF28 Letter of investigation recognition and response
CF29 Notice of actions recognition and response
Internal written controls development, management and amendments
Reasonable care demonstration of providing accurate and complete information to Broker
Supervision and control of import declaration data
Process remediation with supply chain partners internal controls
Procurement amendments for corrective actions
Contract terms amendments for corrective actions
Incoterms amendments for corrective actions
CBP communication response and commitment
Corrective action plan development and implementation

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