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HTSUS Classification Determination and annual review management workshop (Ful

HTSUS Classification Determination and annual review management workshop (Ful


March 8- Nashville, TN


The HTS classification responsibility is a major component of the reasonable care demonstration of trade participants, inclusive of importers and USPPI’s.


This training will address the strategic compliance management process regarding an inclusive annual HTSUS review to determine the accuracy and current classification for all items in the active supply chain process.


This course is a necessary guide in the development of compliance best practices in the management of HTS determination, assignment, amendment, and updates.


Topics will include:

  • Line-item description review

  • Automated data base functionality

  • New product classification management

  • Legacy classification affirmation

  • Resource identification to defend all classifications

  • Internal commodity knowledge employees

  • HTS classification committee approach

  • Frequency of line-item review amendment

  • Scheduling active updates and amendments for new product addition

  • Inactive item deletions

  • Third party assistance

  • CBP binding rulings


This class is a must to demonstrate your company’s ability to ensure accurate classifications are being provided to brokers and forwarders to meet compliance requirements.

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