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Customs Valuation Determination and Verification Workshop (Half Day)

Customs Valuation Determination and Verification Workshop (Half Day)


March 7- Nashville, TN


Determining the import value stands as a pivotal requirement for demonstrating compliance, wielding significant influence over a global company's capacity to safeguard its financial interests. This encompasses duties, fees, taxes, statistical reporting figures, and reasonable care management.


This course will delve into the essential practices of exercising the due diligence necessary to justify declared import values. Relying solely on the costs stated in commercial invoices or standard shipping documents is deemed an indefensible approach and falls within the realm of common non-compliance practices.


Recommended participants for this course include individuals within the supply chain, specifically those holding responsibilities in procurement, sourcing, logistics, compliance, finance, and trade facilitation functions.


Topics will include but not be limited to the following:


  • Valuation Responsibilities of the Importer

  • Definitions of transaction value for customs purposes

  • Acknowledgment of corporate financial reporting of landed costs vs. value for customs purposes

  • Inclusions to entered value determinations

  • Exclusions from entered value determinations

  • No sale transaction valuation determinations

  • Incoterms and terms of sale influence on Customs reporting values

  • Valuation verification practices

  • Reliance on foreign suppliers' cost and valuation determinations

  • Computation of value defense

  • Written procedural valuation controls management

  • Alignment with corporate finance professionals for transparency in CBP reporting

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