2022 Global Trade Informed

Compliance Virtual Training Courses

​The World Academy understands the challenges of remote working distance that can create organization disconnect.

Our skilled professionals offers customized trade compliance training for groups of all sizes as well as virtual individualized trainings as part of our flexibility of trade compliance information transfer.

Contact us today as we will assist with the customization of a training to meet your specific needs content specific customed tailored to your business profile and personnel needs. 


  • Trade Associations

  • Global Trade Organizations

  • In Association with Pre-existing Teaching Centers

  • Public Seminars

  • Customized In-house Training Programs

  • Specially Designed and Tailored Training Activities


Topics covered in classes and workshops include all phases of Import/Export logistics and compliance including hazardous materials (HAZMAT), letters of credit, harmonized tariff schedules, INCOTERMS and other topics needed to compete in today's global trade arena, such as customer service, sales and sales management classes.

*Fees are based on per person per class/course. Group rates available.



Customized Virtual Classes for 2022

 Company Compliance Connectivity


The World Academy is proud to offer virtual compliance customized training for the global trade community to meet the demands of remote working and company compliance connectivity.

Our core team of global trade experts will meet with you to understand the trade compliance subject matter needs of your organization and customize a training tool for your company’s specific needs under a platform of proprietary controls and informed compliance.

The World Academy will customize your training with a goal of transfer of presentation and use ownership to your organization upon delivery of a series of live sessions that will be recorded for your continued use.

Annual updates to training are always a service option to be agreed upon at the time of commitment or on an annual basis to meet your corporate calendar needs.

Our team of content consultants will guide you through options from a library content of subject matter or the development of company specific customized training for your supply chain, sourcing, sales, finance, compliance and regulatory company colleagues with senior management always as an invited guest.



New 2022 Course Offerings Schedule

February 3- CTPAT Annual Threat Awareness Training 2022

February 10 – 2022 Importer Operations Informed Compliance Workshop

February 24 - 2022 Basic Export Operations and Regulations

March 10- Incoterms 2022 Management and Best Utilization of Proper Terms

March 24 HTSUS Classification 2022 Ready for the Change

April 7- ITCC Certification Class offering

April Duty- 14- Drawback Management 2022

April 21- Supply Chain Security for Non-CTPAT companies

May 12- Global Sourcing and Logistics Management Strategies

May 19 - Exporter Self-Assessment

May 26- Record Retention 2022 Compliance Demonstration and Strengths

June 9- Road to Trusted Trader

June 23-CTPAT Virtual Validation Preparation for US and Foreign Site Visits


Customs Brokerage License 

Nationwide Preparation Workshop

April 2022 Examination

Remote Platform Cloud Based

Virtual Online Training

The Alston Group now offers our distinguished Customs Brokerage License Preparation course to our national audience for participation and preparation for the April 2022 Electronic Customs Brokerage Examination. Due to our innovative online training format, this popular northeast forum is now available to test takers through the United States in all regions and US ports.

Customs and Border Protection has enhanced the test taking environment to include at home test taking privileges as an added option to national remote testing facilities.

This course will assist you in the development of test taking reference familiarization, time management, Customs Regulations reference and Harmonized Tariff Schedule determination that will result in positive results in the development of each participant test taking ability towards a passing grade.

Our instruction is detailed and consists of:

  • Live lectures

  • Four-month instruction and help desk assistance

  • One on one tutorship and Customs Examination preparation skills for positive results


TWA is proud to announce our

new proprietary 2022 CTPAT Security

Threat Awareness Online Training Tool

This innovative online web based interactive training tool is specifically designed to meet the CTPAT minimum security requirement for global supply chain security training. 


Each participant will be required to complete an information transfer training and test format designed to define and include global security awareness content including but not limited to the following;

  • Terrorist awareness

  • Container and Seal security

  • Supply chain risk management

  • Personnel security

  • Physical security

  • IT security

  • Cyber security

  • Corporate responsibility

  • Physical security




This online training is complete with a comprehensive testing module and with real time test evaluation, monitoring and scoring capabilities. 


Also included in this online training package is a program certification upon successful completion of the test format.


 Group pricing for the CTPAT online training tool:


Click Link Below to Purchase

1-25  - $250.00 Per Person

26-100 – $150.00 per person

101-200 – $75.00 per person

Flat rate group discounts also available


Corporate discounts are available for multi-trained participants


*Password will be sent to registrants email once payment has been completed


Official Test Score transcript and certificate of completion 

will be emailed to test participant immediately after test completion

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NEW Global Trade Compliance Hybrid Virtual E-Training Model

The virtual capabilities of The World Academy combined with variances in the schedules of trade compliance professionals has evolved in our brand new and customized hybrid E-Learning virtual format for trade professionals.

We know and understand the challenges of trade compliance professionals and members of the global supply chain with expanding roles and responsibilities.

The World Academy understands the needs and regulatory requirement for sustained informed trade compliance training and awareness forums and continues to offer virtual remote compliance trainings on current topics of interest facing the global trade community.

TWA also understands the need for customized training and follow up to our public training offerings and have developed our E-Learning hybrid platform that consists of direct access to industry experts for guidance, training follow up, expanded compliance discussions and proprietary topic reviews with our training clientele.

This trade compliance Hybrid E-Learning platform is a hands-on interactive structure designed to eliminate information transfer distancing in a remote and distanced environment. Value added education and training to the next level is our commitment. Each student will receive a complimentary one-hour tutorial regarding the topic of training subject matter included in the price of each webinar, public and or customized corporate training session.

Additional training formatting is available upon request, based on individual or corporate training needs.