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American River Group of Companies is dedicated to the principles of “informed compliance and regulatory awareness” to our clients and international supply chain partners. In the spirit of compliance awareness, we would like to formally advise you that we have seen a dramatic rise in the enforcement activity of U.S. Customs and Border Protection in various areas of trade compliance. This rise in CBP enforcement is directly related to the passage of the Customs Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act passed in March of this year.  


The congressional authorization to CBP under this act includes elevated enforcement activity on areas that include but are not limited to;

Anti-dumping duty case investigation and additional duty implementation

Trademark violations and Intellectual Property Rights issues

Free Trade Agreement verification and process management

Social compliance management with foreign suppliers

Elevation of importer controls related to de Minimis level increase to $800 USD

C-TPAT inclusion of compliance into the global security initiative


There is a critical need for all trade participants to prepare for the increased scrutiny being demonstrated by CBP.  Proactive compliance management includes the ability of US importers to perform an internal compliance assessment on their current process and to conduct foreign site verification's that includes pricing verification's, trademark management affirmations, Free Trade agreement verification's, social compliance verification's and overall global compliance management.

American River Group of Companies is strategically located in all regional and geographical areas of the world through our strategic partnership alliance with SGS Inspection Services which allows us to meet the requirement of foreign site visits and global compliance verification's at a fraction of the cost of our global competitors as we have eliminated the cost of international travel while maximizing the expertise of our foreign factory visits.

We would like to schedule a brief meeting or conference call with you to discuss the various options that your company and senior management can take to protect your financial interest as CBP elevates their revenue collection efforts at the expense of non-prepared US companies and their foreign suppliers.


Aricela S. Valerio, licensed customs brokerage professional is currently serving as a Customs Compliance auditor for American River Group of Companies, headquartered in Woodbridge, NJ.  Aricela also serves as assistant manager to the Customs Brokerage division of ARGC and has twenty years of interactive working experience in the import customs brokerage industry.  Aricela is considered an industry expert on import regulations and compliance management issues.

Mrs. Valerio provides leading regulatory consultation and advice and operational expertise to clients in all industries inclusive of electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, manufacturing and retail. Aricela Valerio was named Customs Brokerage Assistant Manager for American River Brokerage Services in January of 2018, in which she now incorporates her compliance expertise with customs brokerage operations experience to continue to offer high quality performance to ARI client base.

Aricela is knowledgeable on import valuation, classification, record retention practices and compliance management criteria. She provides a wealth of knowledge to the import trade community through internal expertise and investigative research on key compliance and trade issues.

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