Social Compliance/ Trusted Trader/ CTPAT Supply Chain

Social Compliance/ Trusted Trader/ CTPAT Supply Chain Security Update


The global supply chain process requirements for compliant and secure business practices is an ever-evolving platform with new focus on enforcement efforts by regulatory authorities for the
failure of supply chain participants to adhere to new levels of regulatory compliance. This
combined with the introduction of additional areas of evidence of implemented practices for
trusted trader programs such as CTPAT and Importer Self-Assessment, the time is now for an
in-depth analysis of expectations and requirements facing the import trade community.
This one-hour webinar will address the evolution of Social Compliance into trusted trader and
CTPAT program involvement. Additionally, this presentation will address the three new
categories associated with the new minimum-security categories of the CTPAT 2020 MSC
 Social Compliance Overview TFTEA Inclusion
 Foreign factory audit as evidence of social compliance affirmation
 Documentary evidence requirements
 Business partner reviews and risk assessments
 Corporate Responsibility and Vision-New MSC Category
 Agricultural Security Management-New MSC Category
 Cyber Security Management-New MSC Category

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Social Compliance/ Trusted Trader/ CTPAT Supply Chain


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