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Webinar 1/23 Duty Drawback Opportunities Under New Regime and More 2020


Duty Drawback Opportunities Under New Regime and More 2020 Update

A comprehensive, half day review of the new duty drawback program included as part of the Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act of 2016 (TFTEA drawback). Determine the ideal path forward for your company that allows your company to maximize recovery under the new regime but with the highest degree of regulatory compliance. 

  • Overview of new TFTEA drawback regulations - Was drawback really "simplified"? 
  • Using data analytics to maximize drawback recovery under the new rules
  • Understand if your company is one of the TFTEA winners or losers.  
  • Excess import and export activity? Learn how to convert to cash through drawback "trading". 
  • NAFTA drawback rules for exporters to Canada and Mexico. 
  • Learn about changes to drawback record keeping requirements and how Customs audits programs  
  • How to establish Accelerated Payment and Waiver of Prior notice filing privileges under the new regulations
  • Specific strategies you can implement to automate the drawback process. 
  • Drawback management best practices under new regime