ECCN Classification Training (90 minute) $195.00

ECCN Classification Training (90 minute) $195.00 USD


Classifying your product line against the Commerce Control List is a critical component of a successful compliance program. Exporters must determine if their product line is subject to the Export Administration Regulations and if so, must further determine if their product line is designated as EAR99 or found on the Commerce Control List.  This course outlines the fundamentals of how to classify commercial / dual use items and the steps to determine license applicability and eligibility of License Exceptions for your product line / transaction.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Regulations Governing Exports
  • General Prohibitions
  • Commerce Control List
  • ECCN Classification Process
  • Determining License applicability 
  • Country Chart
  • License Exceptions

ECCN Classification Training (90 minute) $195.00