9/24 1-3 PM EST CTPAT 2020 New MSC Update Portal Management ,Virtual Validation

9/24 1-3 PM EST CTPAT 2020 New MSC Update Portal Management ,Virtual Validation


September 24, 2020   1-3pm EST   Coupon Code  9124
CTPAT 2020 New MSC Update Portal Management and Virtual Validation Preparation
(2 hour online remote learning format)


early bird discount of $50  if registered up until 3 weeks early


​2020 CTPAT New Management Securityand Threat Awareness Training This  format will address the new 2020 minimum-security criteria introduced by CBP for socialization and implementation response from the trade community. We will provide an in-depth review of the new responsibilities of CTPAT certified and validated companies to remain in good standing and in adherence with security and compliance standards of the CTPAT program management.


New minimum-security criteria review Corporate responsibilityCyber Security Update and Implementation Agricultural Security StandardsUpdated implementation schedule explanation Company Internal reviews and extended training forma Who Should Attend CTPAT point of contacts, Importer of record supply chain operations, logistics , import compliance operations professionals, purchasing, mid-level management, senior management, finance department representatives, shipping and receiving personnel, customs brokerage entry team members, Human Resource department representatives, site security personnel, customs brokerage managers, freight forwarding operations team members, carriers, warehouse personnel.

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