9/15 Internal Compliance Import Assessment

Internal Compliance Import Assessment
Best Practice Management 2021 Training
Wednesday, September 15
1 pm-2:30 pm EST
A major component of an importer’s compliance program is their ability to conduct routine internal self-assessments to identify compliance risk areas that pose a potential financial risk to the company’s bottom line. Many companies’ senior management representatives exercise corporate support in the area of trade compliance through delegation of compliance management throughout the organization that is often lead by a designated compliance individual or department.

This course will detail the best practices associated with the demonstration of reasonable care and due diligence through internal self-assessment reviews.

Topics will include:

  • Self assessment control documents and checklists
  • Internal company shared information and compliance transparency
  • Automation and data analytics
  • ACE reporting reviews
  • Broker performance reviews
  • Remote compliance transparency to import activity
  • Documented discoveries
  • Documents action item plans
  • Compliance follow ups
  • Prior Disclosures
  • Point of Discovery notations
  • Informed compliance expansions

9/15 Internal Compliance Import Assessment