2021 International Trade Compliance Certification (ITCC) (2-year Certifications)

2021 International Trade Compliance Certification (ITCC) (2-year Certifications) 2 half day Split sessions Virtual Compliance Training $395.00 USD Course fee


Informed Compliance in the field of international trade compliance is a mandatory content of your company’s risk management and global compliance structure.

The World Academy has presented international trade classes onsite and virtual in-house forums for Over the past 30 years resulting in a proven track record through our use of quality.

 Instructors as professional practitioners, customs consultants and international trade attorneys provide. top of the line guidance and instruction on trade compliance. 


Our innovative approach to professional certification is geared to provide necessary training to industry professionals that will represent expertise in international trade compliance management.  

Our international trade compliance certification program includes two, full-day training and review sessions of import and export compliance topics leading towards a take-home certification examination that is geared towards a demonstration and affirmation of your international trade compliance expertise. Our courses are developed to provide updates and review of current compliance issues to ensure that you and your business entities remain well advised and aware of current rules and regulations. The international trade compliance certification is valid for two years from the date of your compliance affirmation exam.

The ITCC is acknowledged by international trade regulatory industry professionals as evidence and representation of informed compliance in international trade. 

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2021 International Trade Compliance Certification (ITCC) (2-year Certifications)