11/17 E-Commerce Compliance Update 2021

E-Commerce Compliance Update 2021

Wednesday, November 17

1 pm-2:30 pm EST


The world continues to experience the boom of E-Commerce activity through global sales and purchasing activity. US Customs and Border Protection understands that E-commerce is the most popular online activity and has been growing exponentially.


Online sales are forecast to reach $4.5 trillion in 2021. This popularity stems from the ease and comfort that online shopping offers, prompting more and more people to cut down on mall visits and purchase online instead. CBP has continued to implement enforcement controls to maximize their efforts to ensure compliance measure are maintained despite this massive business sector growth.


This class will review key components of E-commerce compliance management to protect the financial risks of your organizations as this business sector continues its massive growth and expansion year after year. The global pandemic was not enough to stop the growth of E-Commerce global trade activities and CBP is following the direction to protect the revenue of the US through lawful trade inclusive of the E-commerce platform.


  • E-Commerce company growth
  • Sales and Purchasing compliance platform to manage the massive growth
  • Import transaction process management and transparency of supervision and control
  • Import activity
  • Export activity
  • Valuation reporting
  • Article description reporting
  • Entry type 86 provisions and Section 321
  • E-Commerce controls for counterfeit awareness
  • E-Commerce controls for Online Sellers awareness

11/17 E-Commerce Compliance Update 2021