2021 Global Trade Informed Compliance

Virtual Training Courses

Topics covered in classes and workshops include all phases of Import/Export logistics and compliance including hazardous materials (HAZMAT), letters of credit, harmonized tariff schedules, INCOTERMS and other topics needed to compete in today's global trade arena, such as customer service, sales and sales management classes.

*Fees are based on per person per class/course. Group rates available.

New Course Offerings for 2021


Annual Security Threat Awareness Training 2021 New Minimum-Security Criteria and Beyond CTPAT  (90 minutes) $195.00

This virtual class is a demonstration of CTPAT requirement for annual security threat awareness training to promote the secure practices necessary to offset the efforts of terrorist events in the international chain. We will review your company’s responsibility to meet 5 Step Risk assessments, web portal management best practices, Supply Chain Security relationship management, Business Partner verifications, security seal practices, IT management controls, new hire controls and physical access controls. This class is acknowledged as the best in the country.
This course will cover the new minimum-security criteria and virtual program management practices to remain in CTPAT good standing.

CTPAT Certification for Exporters 2021 (90 minutes) $195.00

CTPAT certifications for US remains a benefit to USPPI supply chain parties. This class will define and detail a comprehensive roadmap for US exporters to gain a global sales advantage through C-TPAT certification and gain access to expedited clearances in foreign destination countries, while having export benefits linked to your company EIN number at the AES filing levels as examples of C-TPAT benefits for exporters. This virtual seminar will detail a complete roadmap to C-TPAT certification for exporters with a comprehensive review of the export application process and required export security supply chain procedure. Put your best foot forward and step into this innovative and fact filled full day forum that will undoubtedly prove to be one of the most beneficial informed compliance global security classes in the last decade.Learn the requirements and be ready for front of the line C-TPAT filing for Export certification through the industry partnership initiative for US exporters.

CTPAT Revalidation Management Seminar (90 minute) $195.00

This virtual seminar will provide all C-TPAT members with a proven successful strategy to manage your next validation meeting with CBP inclusive of domestic and foreign site visits. Experience real life examples of validation preparation techniques that will ensure your tier status as a validated member. This is a valuable exchange to compliment alternative preparation that will make a positive difference in your company’s ability to present evidence of implementation at your next validation meeting. This class is a must for all C-TPAT members!


Duty Drawback

Course Contents include specific discussions on:
* Drawback Overview
* Drawback Eligibility and Potential
* Manufacturing Drawback
* Unused Merchandise Drawback
* Rejected Merchandise Drawback
* NAFTA Drawback
* Preparing Drawback Documents
* Processing of Drawback Claims
* Compliance, Reviews, Penalties
* What’s New for Duty Drawback Claimants


2021 International Trade Compliance Certification (ITCC) (2-year Certifications) 2 half day Split sessions Virtual Compliance Training $395.00

Informed Compliance in the field of international trade compliance is a mandatory content of your company’s risk management and global compliance structure. The World Academy has presented international trade classes onsite and virtual in-house forums for Over the past 30 years resulting in a proven track record through our use of quality.
instructors as professional practitioners, customs consultants and international trade attorneys provide. top of the line guidance and instruction on trade compliance.

Our innovative approach to professional certification is geared to provide necessary training to industry professionals that will represent expertise in international trade compliance management. Our international trade compliance certification program includes two, full-day training and review sessions of import and export compliance topics leading towards a take-home certification examination that is geared towards a demonstration and affirmation of your international trade compliance expertise. Our courses are developed to provide updates and review of current compliance issues to ensure that you and your business entities remain well advised and aware of current rules and regulations. The international trade compliance certification is valid for two years from the date of your compliance affirmation exam.The ITCC is acknowledged by international trade regulatory industry professionals as evidence and representation of informed compliance in international trade.
Get your ITCC Certification Today!

ACE Workshop (90 minutes) $195.00

This virtual seminar will provide all C-TPAT members with a proven successful strategy to manage your next validation meeting with CBP inclusive of domestic and foreign site visits. Experience real life examples of validation preparation techniques that will ensure your tier status as a validated member. This is a valuable exchange to compliment alternative preparation that will make a positive difference in your company’s ability to present evidence of implementation at your next validation meeting. This class is a must for all C-TPAT members!

2021 Import Operations and Informed Compliance Workshop (1 Full Day) $350.00

This virtual seminar will focus on the import operations regulations requirements of the importer of record while detailing the controls necessary to manage customs brokerage and freight forwarding relationships. This format will detail the specific entry process of imported goods and fully review the Customs clearance responsibilities of the importer and post entry management responsibilities of supervision and control. This class is a demonstration of Reasonable Care as mandated by the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act, Modernization Act of 1993, and Tariff Act of 1930. This is a must class for import operations personnel, purchasing, procurement, shipping and receiving,new hires to the logistics industry, recurrent training for existing personnel seeking informed compliance awareness training.

Customs Valuation, Determination, and Defense   $195.00

CBP valuation determination is a key element of compliance management. The ability to defend proper import valuation declarations is essential in every international trade compliance department. This class will define, explain and review the extensive customs valuation principles inclusive of sample values, non-purchased item determinations, related party transactions, assists, commissions, royalties and much more. Exercise your reasonable care responsibilities through this informed compliance valuation presentation and obtain advise on how to retain valuation records in your record retention process.
This class will greatly benefit company representatives with a responsibility for import compliance management such as logistics personnel, compliance representatives, purchasing management, financial accounting representatives, etc.

How to build an International Trade Compliance Department (Half day) $250.00

This half day class focuses on the creation of an import compliance department inclusive of company organizational structure, employee resources, automated tool requirements, and dedication to senior management. Learn from industry professionals on the best practices of business unit vetting and talent recruitment to achieve the goal of creating a professional compliance presence in the management of your company’s daily compliance management profile.

Managing Customs Brokerage Performance (90 minutes) $195.00

Importers are responsible to manage the customs brokerage service relationship through supervision and control and reasonable care practices on a shipment by shipment basis.This class details the specific best practices involved in the successful management of your customs brokerage services performance for the account of each importer. Importers will learn how to perform customs brokerage reviews, service provider audit assessments, documentary audit practices of the ACE filing process and CF7501, ISF performance management testing, timely entry filing reviews, HTSUS classification assistance capabilities and more.
This 90-minute virtual class is designed to prepare each participant to successfully manage their customs brokerage performance levels with an emphasis on increased levels of customer service satisfaction. This class will unveil the customs brokerage reasonable care responsibilities and result in your company’s improvement in customs brokerage business efficiency and productivity. Change the course of common practices and enroll in this full day compliance awareness workshop.

Record Retention Management - The Road to Import Regulatory Compliance  (90 minute) $195.00

This half day seminar is specifically designed to provide all participants in a timely manner with a detailed explanation of record retention practices to meet the regulatory requirements of the CFR title 19 part 163 Customs Record Retention. Importers face financial risks for non-compliant practices of record retention as well as the ability to produce records upon demand. The financial liability for non-compliance can range up to $100,000.00 per transaction for the past five years of activity. Protect your company’s financial interest and participate in this valuable information exchange to implement, complement or enhance your company’s record retention profile.
Topics include:
* Record Retention criteria
* Parties Required to retain import records
* Record retention checklists
* Automated record retention practices/Alternate Methods of Storage
* Production upon demand
* Written Standard Operating Procedures
* A1A list requirement resource
* Failure to produce timely
* Shared best practice.

Roadmap to Trusted Trader Acknowledgment Forum (ISA) 90 minute $195.00

CBP has an innovative program entitled Trusted Trader which acknowledges importers for their voluntary commitment to industry trade programs such as C-TPAT and Importer Self-Assessment, while demonstrating an ability to manage compliance tasks with the demonstration of supervisory control of their import process. The benefit of this acknowledgement is realized by the inclusion in expedited clearances, liquidation consolidations into a single port, access to the Centers of Excellence and Expertise, mitigation to fines and penalties with more to come.
Senior management officials nationwide acknowledge the status of Trusted Trader as a world class achievement!
This 90-minute class introduces a roadmap towards “trusted Trader” acknowledgement through defined practices of compliance demonstration. Come and learn how your company can achieve “trusted trader” status. Interface with best practices of companies who have achieved this acknowledgement.


AES management and Routed Export Information Controls (90-minute webinar) $195.00

This 90-minute webinar is designed to review the details of the AES filing process to compliment your company’s export controls. Additionally, this class will review best practices of the management of routed export transactions. This is an excellent opportunity for USPPI’s and FPPI’s to review the electronic export filing requirements to avoid costly fines and penalties. This class serves as a best practice demonstration of export reasonable care.
This 90-minute class introduces a roadmap towards “trusted Trader” acknowledgement through defined practices of compliance demonstration. Come and learn how your company can achieve “trusted trader” status. Interface with best practices of companies who have achieved this acknowledgement.

Basic Export Operations and Regulations Workshop (90 minute) $195.00

This 90-minute virtual presentation will focus on the export operations regulations requirements of the USPPI while detailing the controls necessary to manage freight forwarding and domestic sales relationships.This format will detail the specific export declaration and diligence control process of export goods and fully review the export operations responsibilities of the shipper and USPPI. This class is a demonstration of Reasonable Care. This is a must class for export operations personnel, sales, shipping, new hires to the logistics industry, and recurrent training for existing personnel seeking informed compliance awareness training.

ECCN Classification Training (90 minute) $195.00

Classifying your product line against the Commerce Control List is a critical component of a successful compliance program. Exporters must determine if their product line is subject to the Export Administration Regulations and if so, must further determine if their product line is designated as EAR99 or found on the Commerce Control List. This course outlines the fundamentals of how to classify commercial / dual use items and the steps to determine license applicability and eligibility of License Exceptions for your product line / transaction.
Topics of discussion include:
* Regulations Governing Exports
* General Prohibitions
* Commerce Control List
* ECCN Classification Process
* Determining License applicability
* Country Chart
* License Exceptions

Exporter Self-Assessment and Internal Audit (90 minute) $195.00

Export compliance management is a regulatory requirement of every U.S. Principal Party of Interest. This half day forum will walk each participant through the preparation of an internal self-assessment audit to test the aspects and contents of export compliance practice within the supply chain operations.
This workshop is designed to include Department of Census, Department of Commerce, Department of State and U.S. Customs and Border Protection criteria for self-testing and audit execution. This class will greatly benefit company representatives with a dotted line to the management of your export compliance process. Logistics personnel, compliance representatives, sales management, etc.


Harmonized Classification, Determination, & Compliance Workshop (2 hour) $295.00

Product tariff classification can be a complicated and confusing task without understanding the context and application of classification for marketed products with various lines of financial and compliance impacts. This class contains a full review of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. Students will learn about the General Rules of Interpretation, the importance of Chapter and Section Notes, how preferential tariff treatments and country of origin rules come into the correct tariff and tariff rate determination. There are many exercises in using the HTS including tariff classification which includes side-by-side comparisons of potential product classifications provided in the Tariff Schedule, exploration of tariff terminology, distinguishing product identity according to the tariff nomenclature, and classification of articles of mixed compositions or uses. The class also contains a full discussion of binding rulings, using the Customs website and CROSS. This class is recommended for all ranges and roles involved with the classification or duty determination of products intended for the U.S. market.

HTS Classification Management for Pharmaceuticals (2 hour) $295.00

The responsibility to determine correct Harmonized Tariff classifications is a necessary component of every compliance and regulatory program for Pharma importers and exporters. The ability to understand the requirements of the HTSUS inclusive of General Rules of Interpretation, Special K program, essential character, and end use implications to determine the most correct HTSUS decision for pharmaceutical products requires specification in training and informed compliance. Learn from industry experts in the classification of chemical compound samples, pharma API’s, and finished pharmaceutical items in this half day presentation.

HTS Classification Management for Textiles & Apparel (2 hour) $295.00

Textile and wearing apparel importers are often faced with new styles, origins, and manufacturing cycles that create continuous challenges for such import profiles. This half-day class will explore various applications of terminology in the HTSUS for textile and apparel articles. We will focus on the textile classification principles included in the HTSUS reference book to further understand the definitions of coated, water-resistant, impregnated articles and other clarification areas. Learn the rules of determination and navigate through the General Rules of Interpretation, Section and Chapter Notes that will result in your ability to defend the classification that you've chosen..


Incoterms 2020New Rules Seminar (2.5 hours) $295.00

Topics of discussion include:
* What we need to know about INCOTERMS
* 2010 vs 2020
* Managing INCOTERMS Trade Compliance Issues: USPPI and Ultimate Consignee
* Gaining Competitive Advantage on Inbound Logistics
* Sellers responsibilities vs Buyers Responsibilities
* Cost vs risk
* Delivered Terms compliance risks
* Best Practices: Making the right choice for the circumstance
* Internal training options: Connectivity in your company
* Risk Management and Insurance Controls
* Transfer of Title and Revenue Recognition
* INCOTERMS and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

Supply Chain Security for non-C-TPAT Companies (90 minutes) $195.00

There are many international supply chain participants who are not yet eligible for the C-TPAT certification due to CBP’s timeframe for inclusion of additional business industries such as domestic highway carriers that do not have owned assets, domestic warehouse and distribution centers, ultimate consignee receiving stations that do not act as importer of record. All of these entities are examples of non-eligible business partners of C-TPAT participants that are required to have awareness and documented global security supply chain procedures to meet the minimum supply chain standards of the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism.
This virtual class will provide a detailed explanation and process map to meet the minimum- security standards of the C-TPAT program for non-eligible business partners. Learn from industry leaders and supply chain security management specialists to ensure that you are meeting your customers’ expectation of a secure business partner.


Global Sourcing and Marketing Strategies (2 hour) $295.00

This virtual compliance class is structured to review global sourcing strategies to gain a competitive advantage in niche and common markets while protecting your company’s financial risk exposure and maximizing profit. International procurement, product acquisition personnel, buyers, sourcing representatives and domestic sales team members will benefit from the information exchange.Take your organization to the next level by doing more than just going global; excel at your global sourcing efforts to complement your company’s bottom line.
Topics Include:
• Business partner vetting
• Commodity selectivity
• Sales market Demand trends
• Sales marketing efforts
• Quality assurance practices
• Financial determination requirements
• Country risk levels
• Logistics parameters
• Incoterms preferences
• Profit margin reviews
• Supply chain planning
• Landed cost determinations
• Charge back management
• Destination customs formalities and distribution


New 2021 Webinars

Your company can get exclusive access to timely webinar presentations with dedicated access granted for a time frame of 72 hours through dedicated e-link access for inter-company use and viewing of pre-recorded webinars on current compliance topics to compliment your international trade compliance capabilities. Schedule your internal compliance webinars to meet your internal work calendar availability Cost effective informed compliance training structure to compliment your company's bottom line Review the training material with repeated training sessions to ensure full participation over a 72 hour period Electronic video library demonstrates reasonable care informed compliance regulatory responsibility Pace your own compliance learning schedule Elevate your company's knowledge through industry expert presentations for operations and management personnel Risk management best practice of proactive education and compliance training Time efficient information transfer Presentation Content

  • CBP Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act
  • Import Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Incoterms Management for Compliant Practice
  • Export Compliance Management
  • C-TPAT Validation Management
  • Record Retention Management
  • Harmonized Classification Determination and Compliance
  • ACE Importer Compliance Management