On-Site Training

The World Academy Onsite Training
Informed Compliance with tremendous cost benefits!

The World Academy will conduct an onsite education and training forum for your company with a specific target of preferred topics of interest as part of our customized training initiative.

We will provide your company with a menu of global trade topics to select from and also welcome and topic request as part of our customized professional service.

  • Pinpoint training on the topics of your immediate needs

  • Mitigated cost

  • Train the trainer options

  • Proprietary platform to discuss your companies issues in a controlled environment

Senior management representatives of global companies have embraced the regulatory requirement of education and training in the area of international trade compliance. 

The obvious benefit to all companies is the proven ability to remain aware of regulatory guidelines, rules and regulations that are essential in the content of any successful international trade supply chain process.  


Informed compliance training at a mitigated cost is considered a world class practice to protect the expenses of companies tasked with remaining within corporate budget parameters.

Onsite training represents a major cost reduction by eliminating travel and expenses for your employees by bringing international trade expertise onsite. Additional benefits include the inherent confidentiality of compliance discussions held onsite as opposed to public forums.  


Your company can take advantage of specialized and customs tailored discussions with multiple business units represented at a fraction of the cost of multiple presentations, travel, lodging and related expenses.
* Custom tailored discussions
* Confidentiality of onsite discussions as opposed to public forums
* Informed compliance import/export regulatory updates
* Connectivity for all business departments inclusive of purchasing, sales, logistics, finance, receiving, shipping and customer service
* Tremendous cost savings to the company bottom line


Contact us today… and reserve your onsite training session while remaining under budget for your required corporate international trade regulatory informed compliance information exchange!

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