Broker Known Importer Program Certification

The World Academy is proud to present

"The Broker Known Importer Program Certification"


The Broker Known Importer Program was introduced in 2015 as a voluntary program in which an importer may participate and be acknowledged as an "industry trusted trader" receiving benefits inclusive of expedited customs entry processing, mitigation to CBP fines and penalties, decreased CBP scrutiny on import examinations. 


The BKIP program requires an importer to demonstrate to their broker of record that the importer has internal compliance controls and awareness in place, resulting in a compliance "known" status to their broker. The Customs broker of record would then acknowledge the import entry transaction to CBP as the status of a "BKIP known importer", by flagging each entry as known status. The broker of record will require affirmation of the known status of the importer as a reasonable care representation of such flagging. 

The World Academy now offers BKIP Virtual Compliance Certification for importers to provide to their brokers of record as affirmation of the requirements of eligibility of such compliance "known" status. The World Academy, through its industry experts, will review automated representation of the importers internal controls and sample import entry documentation and conduct an import compliance assessment through automated tools to qualify importers for the BKIP Known Importer status.


This cost effective and innovative process will additionally serve as an internal self-assessment review of each importers import compliance management process.

The Virtual Compliance Certification includes but is not limited to the following deliverables:

  • Review of Internal controls

  • Supervision and control process

  • Assess information processing of business units

  • Review and assess record retention policies and work instructions

  • Review and assess 15 -20 sample filed entries from the prior 18 months

  • Free Trade Agreements and country of origin declarations assessment

  • Assess import valuation management process

Contact the World Academy to confirm your interest in the BKIP Virtual Compliance Certification program and acquire your certification to provide to your customs brokerage providers and take advantage of the BKIP benefits that your company deserves.

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