The World Academy is offering a FREE webinar in the spirit of the donation of

our time and expertise to members of the international trade community during

this time of global and national health crisis


CTPAT Management Amidst the COVID19 Pandemic


CTPAT Supply Chain Security management amidst the COVID19 crisis is critical to the security execution of the global supply chain process. During this time of global pandemic, supply chains are challenged with space capacity limitations, second and third option logistics management routings, creative routing solutions and new carrier relationships as global companies struggle to retain optimal shipping during this pandemic.


The risks of supply chain security breach are elevated during times of vulnerability. This webinar will address security practices and recommendations to execute to address elevated supply chain risks and avoid compromise to your supply chain. Due diligence must remain a part of the success of supply chain management security controls as this webinar will walk the process through on elevated security supply chain protocols and deliverables.

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