HTSUS Classification Training


Product tariff classification can be a complicated and confusing task without understanding the context and application of classification for marketed products with various lines of financial and compliance impacts. 


This workshop contains a full review of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. Students will learn about the General Rules of Interpretation, the importance of Chapter and Section Notes, how preferential tariff treatments and country of origin rules come into the correct tariff and tariff rate determination. There are many exercises in using the HTS including tariff classification which includes side-by-side comparisons of potential product classifications provided in the Tariff Schedule, exploration of tariff terminology, distinguishing product identity according to the tariff nomenclature, and classification of articles of mixed compositions or uses. 


Our class also contains a full discussion of binding rulings, using the Customs website and CROSS. This class is recommended for all ranges and roles involved with the classification or duty determination of products intended for the U.S. market.


Who Should Attend

Importers, import operations management, purchasing personnel, USPPI compliance operations professionals, sales personnel, mid-level management, senior management, export operations professionals, shipping personnel, purchasing operations, risk management, export supply chain professionals, shipping department personnel, landed cost managers. 


  • General Rules of Interpretation

  • Chapter notes explanation

  • HTS reference overview

  • Steps of classification determination

  • Use of alphabetical index

  • Outline format of HTS page

  • Binding rulings

  • China 301 and other additional duties

  • ISO country codes

  • Customs Rulings online search system

  • Advisory rulings

  • HTS line review management

  • Article description concept

  • Sets classification

  • Essential character explanation

  • Principle use concept

  • Parts classification

  • Mixed and composite goods classification

  • Classification defense of compliance profile

  • Anti-dumping and countervailing duty explanations

  • American Goods Returned

  • Free Trade agreement classification factors

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