Incoterms® 2021 Financial and

Compliance Risk Management Update

The World Academy is proud to announce the newly updated Incoterms® 2020 Workshop based on the official International Chamber of Commerce updated rules released on September 10, 2019. We offer this class to a wide range of global trade participants, inclusive of sales, purchasing, supply chain, logistics, finance, management, logistics and compliance.

The 2020 changes represent an opportunity to ensure that your financial interests, risk management, compliance and security corporate protocols are in alignment with the newly released rules. This will be an in-depth discussion regarding the new Incoterms® 2020 rules for clarification, education and professional information transfer.

Our expertise is unparalleled in this field and we look forward to an elevated discussion regarding the new Incoterms® 2020 rules.


All Incoterms® rules are developed and

owned by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Who Should Attend…
Sales department representatives, Purchasing department professionals, Importers, Exporters, logistics, import compliance operations professionals, purchasing, mid-level management, senior management, finance department representatives, shipping and receiving personnel, customs brokerage entry team members, freight forwarding professionals, suppliers.

Topics Include

  • Ex-works, FCA, CPT, CIF, DPU, DAP, DDP


  • Compliance and Risk of Loss transfer

  • Financial risk responsibilities of seller and buyer

  • International freight and Insurance

  • Landed cost determinations

  • Problem resolution of seller/buyer conflicts

  • Contract terms/conflict agreements to Incoterms

  • Title transfer/ownership

  • Prepay and add explanations

  • Sales/Purchasing informed knowledge prior to agreement to terms

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