2021 Import Compliance

Management and Facilitation 

Global Trade compliance industry experts will provide class participants with this full day informed compliance format that will define import compliance demonstration strategies to address the core components of global trade facilitation and reasonable care management to meet the demands of the ever-evolving challenges of import compliance deliverables.


This is a must class for importers to demonstrate their internal controls required in the new virtual compliance enforcement era. Learn from industry experts that have proven track record as informed compliance leadership professionals that provide current expertise to current day compliance challenges.


Who Should Attend…

·        Importer of record supply chain operations, logistics, import compliance operations professionals, purchasing, mid-level management, senior management, finance department representatives, shipping and receiving personnel, customs brokerage entry team members.


    • Virtual Compliance Enforcement awareness management

    • Importer of Record new defined compliance responsibilities

    • Electronic Records management protocols and definition

    • Valuation determination and ACE declaration submission management

    • Post entry audit best practices

    • Quarterly brokerage reviews

    • HTS classification determination and consistency management

    • ISF progress Reviews and self-testing analysis

    • ACE entry compliance supervision management

    • CF28 and CF29 reporting and response management

    • Import entry options to meet the demands of various end use determinations

    • Import entry documentation reviews and explanation of data management

    • Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Effects on daily import operations


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